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Just got back from Sugoi-Con and I return with many pictures and an unforgetable experiance! First, we stopped to get McDonalds. While still in our Edo-kun costumes and we got many strange looks, all of which we were proud of! XD Then we went to the hotel and there were old granny panties in the bathroom O.o; It was odd... Then off to the con we went! Before we had even managed to buy our badges, about 5 people had already taken pictures of us, and we had already found another Ed! In all it ended up that there were 5 Ed's total. Then as I was about to buy a pin with the flamel and a 'I love yaoi' pin I descovered I lost my $55. I freaked... but in the end I got it back. Which was incredible! Everyone was so nice and helpful! Expecially someone dressed as Bakura who gave me $20. I'll never forget him, thats for sure. I attacked a few water fountains yelling 'MIZUMIZUMIZUMIZUMIZU!!!" confusing everyone which amused me. All in all it was the best birthday I've ever had in my life, despite the fact that since I yelled so much I can't talk at all today. So heres a few picture, I plan to upload more later.

Ed on Ed Action XD (I'm the one on the right) -
Edward x4 (I'm 2nd to the last) -
Fellow FMA Cosplayers -
Eds sitting in the window (I'm the one in the Yaoi shirt XP) -
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